We usually have a good selection of bulls for sale. 

January 2018

We are now on to the Summer ’16 born bulls, and they are a very impressive bunch.

Born between June and September, there are 18 of them and all except one are by Fenomen, and represent his first crop of calves here. There is a lone Wilodge Cerberus son, an embryo out of the great Tansy.

They will be scanned soon and as they get old enough will be semen tested.  

Accurate EBVs will be available in November after the Autumn BLUP run and the inclusion of 400day weights and scanning.

In the meantime, EBVs and pedigree information on the Taurus Data search page -http://www.taurusdata.co.uk – just type the bulls name preceeded by Dyfri.

In age order they are:- 

June ’16 – Messi, Magnum, Morris.

July ’16 – Master, Major, Maestro, Morgan.

Aug ’16 – Mozart, Macbeth, Magnet, Monarch.

Sept ’16 – Milton, Midas, Malabar, Mistral, Mascot.

Nov/Dec’16 – Malibu, Miles, Malbec.

Enquiries are always welcome. 

All have full performance EBV’s.

All our bulls are sold with the benefit of a full Fertility Warranty that goes way beyond that of the industry standard.

Herd Health

Members of the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

The herd had a clear Herd Test for TB on 9th January 2018
Accredited Free for Johnes Disease – Risk Level 1
Accredited Free for BVD

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