We usually have a good selection of bulls for sale. 

Spring 2023

Dyfri Pele – Proven Stock Bull

In addition to the usual group of young bulls, we are able this year to offer a proven bull, Dyfri Pele.  A HiroHito son, he was retained in 2020 to continue his sires’ work whom we’d lost.  He has proved to be very easy calving, and exceptional progeny can be seen.  With HiroHito daughters now joining the herd in numbers, he cannot be easily used for another year.

Young Bulls

We have a selection of bulls available.  Most are sired by Fenomen, a couple sired by HiroHito.

All have or will be Semen tested, and each one has been tested virus negative for BVD before being vaccinated.

In descending age order:

Dyfri Smithy – Fenomen x Dyfri Opal – Jun ’21 – a heifers calf born easily with a Beef Value of LM43

Dyfri Saturn – Fenomen x Dyfri Leila – Jun ’21 – full brother to Dyfri Prophet, Stock Bull in the Turville Herd. Beef Value of LM53 with great milk EBV.

Dyfri Squire – Fenomen x Dyfri Hawys – Jun ’21 – Grandson of Dyfri Undeg, full sister to the legendary, Neutron, 14,000gns Carlisle. Beef Value LM49

Dyfri Saul – Fenomen x Dyfri Juliet – Jul ’21 – grandson of Dyfri Brenhines, full sister to Tanner 16,000gns, Carlisle Beef Value LM43

Dyfri Superior – Fenomen x Dyfri Jewel – Jul ’21 – Beef Value LM49

Dyfri Stroller – HiroHito x Dyfri Leonora – Aug ’21 –  +ve EBV’s across all production and calving traits Beef Value LM44

Following on are 2 HiroHito sons – November/December born – Summit and Senator

EBV’S and pedigree information can be found on the Taurus Data search page -http://www.taurusdata.co.uk 

Enquiries are always welcome. 

All have full performance EBV’s.

All our bulls are sold with the benefit of a full Fertility Warranty that goes way beyond that of the industry standard.

Herd Health

Members of the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

The herd had a clear Herd Test for TB on 9th January 2023
Accredited Free for Johnes Disease – Risk Level 1

BVD Accredited free

All Bulls tested BVD virus free before vaccination

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