We usually have a good selection of bulls for sale. 

February 2019

We have many Fenomen sons coming through now to working age.  We are semen testing them now, working through the eldest first.  Demand has been strong for the time of year, and it seems as if our supply through to the May sales will be less than usual.  Of particular note are a handful of November born bulls, and one in particular, Dyfri Nomad, is a big favourite

EBVs and pedigree information can be found on the Taurus Data search page -http://www.taurusdata.co.uk 

Enquiries are always welcome. 

All have full performance EBV’s.

All our bulls are sold with the benefit of a full Fertility Warranty that goes way beyond that of the industry standard.

Herd Health

Members of the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

The herd had a clear Herd Test for TB on 8th January 2019
Accredited Free for Johnes Disease – Risk Level 1
Accredited Free for BVD

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