Past Stock post 2000

Dyfri Adam



FR 19 97 013 151


Pedigree and Performance

Nectar is a bull that we had admired in France for years and had attempted to buy on numerous occasions. In 2004 it became obvious that he would never leave the Champeval herd, so we negotiated the purchase of his semen rights for the UK.  In 2006, He finally joined the herd in the flesh for his last few years as our Stock Bull.

He is a Trait leader across the board in France.

French Herd Book Statistics
French Herd Book Statistics Muscle Index123
Skeletal Index120
Weaning Weight Index121
Overall Weaning Index132

His influence on the herd has been great, with bulls sold up to 10,000gns for Dyfri Casanova.  However, his females are truly exceptional, and even as young cows they have demonstrated great potential and milkiness.  Coleen, Charmante and Diadem stand out at the moment.

Limited semen is available.



FR87 08 920 178
Bred by Serge Lajudie.

Pedigree and Performance

In 2002 we bought Pantin as a 3 year old not only for his obvious conformation and fleshing, but also for the phenomenal quality of his paternal sisters (by Nickel) in the Lajudie Herd. Having been used on only seven cows in the Autumn of 2002 he then became our main successor to Jockey.

He bred exceptionally well for us, and we still use him by AI to this day.  He was very easy calving and produced males and females of exceptional quality.  His first daughter here, Ultrabright is one of our very best cows today.

A true Limousin excelling in Growth, Muscle and Maternal traits.



FR 87 00 670 414
Bred by Camus Pere & Fils

Pedigree and Performance

Safran was bought as a young calf in 2001 from the famed Camus herd as our pick of the Malibu calves. He was an extremely muscular bull, almost obscenely so, but also had great length and depth.He looked every inch a bull breeder, but the years proved him to be an exceptional female breeder, ilustrating the dominance of his great sire, Malibu, and the exceptional dam, Idole.

Limited semen available



FR 16 29 597 307
Bred by GAEC Del’Elevage Tournier

Pedigree and Performance

Senateur was also bought as a 10 month old calf. We were attracted to the rare combination of extreme growth and style and muscularity in such a young animal.

Although bought in Autumn 2002, for reasons beyond our control, it was late in 2003 that we took delivery of him, and he only arrived to catch a couple of females at the end of the season.

It was intended to show him in 2004 at the Royal Welsh and the ILC International Show. Unfortunately he ripped his ring out a few weeks before and had to stay at home. However, many who attended our ILC open day in August 2004 were mightily impressed by him, with some labeling him “the best bull of the whole ILC”. 

As expected, Senateur has produced an exceptional bunch of females. Growth, length, structure and milk are their trademark.  The sort of females that are ready to breed to a range of sires

Semen available.